When branding your company, it is important that you make a proper selection of fonts and that the font incorporation is proper. Since your logo is your visual identity, and as such it appears on a wide range of surfaces. It will be placed on big surfaces such as billboards, as well as small ones such as stationaries and business cards. This makes it important for your font letters to be crystal clear.

At LeeDigital, we have compiled a list of rules for your logo fonts that will help you to maintain clear visibility. They are as discussed below.

1. Scalability

Since your logo will be going up a wide range of surfaces of various sizes, there is a need for you to take into consideration scaling effects. You should ensure that your logo’s quality does not suffer when it is shrunk or blown up. You should be particularly concerned about the effect of shrinking the logo which reduces its legibility a great deal. Hence, you should be careful when using heavily stylized or ornate fonts.

2. Legibility

When your company is adopting the wordmark logo type, your company’s name is the most important element of your logo. You have to ensure the clarity of each letter of your company name from a distance. Ensure that the spacing between each letter is sufficient so that they do not overlap when printed.

Your main priority should be the ability of people to read your fonts easily when taking a glance at a distance. Billboards are viewed by passengers who are can be walking and can also be on bike or vehicle. They should be clear enough for people in a fast space vehicle to grab its content at a glance. Always go for a font that is easy to read over everything else.

3. Your Brand Image

Select fonts that will commensurate your brand image. Fonts are known to convey a strong personality of their own and any wrong choice leaves possible damage to your business due to the conflicting message sent to your audience.

Your logo font should be capable of conveying your brand’s story to your target audience. If you are making use of a combination mark (icon and typefaces), then your chosen font should complement the icon.

Bottom Line

Designing a logo with your company’s name can be great, especially when done right. However, you will agree with me that a logo design that fails to convey a message to its audience is as good as useless. Follow the rules describe above, and your brand’s logo will just be perfect.

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