Being an entrepreneur means that you wake up every day trying to solve problems. Sometimes that means solving a similar problem over and over again. This makes you at the risk of falling into a rut by solving a similar problem with the same approach.

That is not a bad thing since these are methods you have tested in the past and work fine for you. Notwithstanding, you have to find a way of easing yourself during your leisure time by investing in a hobby.

A hobby is anything you enjoy doing regularly, it is less demanding and gives you immense joy.  A hobby can be anything, but staring at DSTV movies for hours is not what is being discussed here. This post is all about hobbies that involve actively engaging with a material thing or creating an experience

Unlike workload, hobby helps your brain plasticity by opening it up to a new level of experience by navigating through challenges with lesser stress. A hobby will help you to cope with stress and provide an avenue for an emotional outlet.

These are the reason why you need a hobby

Reduce Stress

Hobby is a great deal when you are overwhelmed with stress. It is a de-stress mechanism and it eases your burden. Hobbies might range from blogging, artistic drawing and others. They will clear your mind over things that demand a lot of concentration. According to a study published under the American Medical Association it was observed that female heart patients reported a substantial decrease in heart rate and blood pressure while occupied on a simple craft project. (Lluch, 2009).  Without a stress reliever, you might find yourself angry and miserable over your work

Sense of purpose

Hobby gives you the opportunity to look forward to something that is different from your work, thereby giving you a sense of purpose. Instead of sitting lifelessly after your daily work, you are able to look forward to doing something you love to do.

Lifelong lessons  

We learn at every stage of our life, from our environment, peer group, internet, and others.  Being part of something can make you see things differently. Being a member of a team either football or non-profit organization will enable you to understand teamwork.  Teamwork is a lifelong skill that you need at some point in your life. Employers tend to pay more attention to candidates with teamwork experience. Moreover, you need teamwork to have a healthy relationship with your partner. So, apart from hobby being something you love to do, you can also learn from it.

Boost your social skills

If you are the type with a poor social skill then having hobby can help you a lot.  In the pursuit of doing something you love to do, you can also meet people who share the same hobby as you.  Having friends who share the same hobby with you can be life-enriching. That is why engaging yourself in hobbies that require more than one person can help you socialize. At least this people know nothing about your work or career, all they want is having a good time with you.

Enhance your self-esteem

You may find it difficult to be confident about a lot of things, but don’t let this be applicable to your hobby. Because hobby is what you love to do and nobody is competing with you.  You may find it difficult to believe in yourself when you adopt a new hobby but believe me, it will enhance your self-confidence when you master it by practicing over a period of time. The feelings of becoming great at something will make others notice you.  You will get them inspired and you can help build the self-confidence of those who look up to you.

Bottom line 

A hobby is something you need to get yourself involved in. it adds more value to your life and helps you in coping with stress. Even at leedigital, we all have stuff we do after work.  Adedolapo spend his free time learning Java, Rasheed engage himself in Artistic drawing, Oladimeji write articles and poem, and Glory teaches none privileged student English and Mathematics. Stand up now and do what you love to do.

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