Building a successful business is all based on happy customers and clients. When thinking of branding, it is very easy to pass this as something for big corporations. However, branding is just as important for small and medium businesses.

Branding is generally about the associations which are made with a company, service, individual, product or organization. These associations created are usually intentional and may sometimes be otherwise. The associations are usually achieved through the active promotion via marketing and corporate identity. In a bid to bring some effective branding techniques for start-ups/small businesses, Lee Digital was able to gather the following tips.

1. Invest in your customers. 

No, I do not mean literally giving out money to your customers waiting for something in return. One of the most efficient ways to get the word out on your brand is through focusing on your customer’s experience. Though this might seem simple, the numbers says otherwise on the number of companies that fail to do just this. A happy customer will definitely share the news of the company with friends and families. Referrals and customer testimonials definitely get more attention and are more likely to convert. It’s no gimmicks, who will you likely trust? A classmate who shared his experience with you? Or that big belly guy yelling on the T.V?

2. First impression matters. 

You should always strive to leave a good first impression about you with your prospects. Even if this entails spending more to create the perfect first impression, it will definitely be worth it. A lot of companies are found wanting in this aspect, as they tend to put the cart before the horse by focusing on tactics before strategy. You should ensure that you understand your value and connect everything back to it. You should also create high-valued tactics and look professional as much as you can.

3. Branding is about consistency. 

If you want people to associate your values with your business, then there is a need for you to be consistent. You don’t want a confusing perception of your business from your customers. Ensure that you stay true to your graphical contents such as colours, typography or fonts. Creating a standard design guide will help you achieve this.

4. Create an elevator pitch. 

Launching a start-up, the best way to promote your business is through words of mouth. Whenever you get the opportunity to discuss your business, ensure that you have a consistent elevator pitch for your prospective clients and customers. So hit those networking events and expos with this pitch to create a uniform sense of your business.

5. Put your customers first.

The first tip is based on your customers, and so is the last. This is to emphasize the importance of treating your customers right to your business. Ensure that your customers top the list of your considerations in making business decisions. There is a need for you to be very sensitive to any actions that will have negative impacts on your customers. It is only when a customer feels well taken care of that they will spread the word about your company to others. Always remember, customer testimonials get the most attention.

Bottom Line

Getting your brands established in your audience mind should be your topmost priority as a start-up. There is a need for you to get this right, starting from the first day of business. Taking the little familiar but forgotten techniques explained in this post will get you started in the right direction. Enjoy your day. ?

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