So, I recently had enough motivation to complete my personal website which I had embarked on, a few months ago. I had initially abandoned it for some other projects which have recently been consuming most of my time. You can take a look at it here. After its completion, my curiosity got me wondering if this would really add much value to me or if a personal website is totally worth it at all.

Carrying out a little research to know more about personal websites, why it’s needed, and who needs it, I was able to understand more on personal branding generally. Without wasting any more time, I’d like to proceed to discuss some of the interesting things about having one.

1. Standing out from the crowd

With a consistent increment in the unemployment rate in Nigeria today, you will all agree with me that recruiters have definitely seen it all. Even after following every guideline out there on creating an amazing resume, more than a thousand others are doing even better and going extra length in your field. Small things like having a personal website including in your profile can make the much-needed difference that you need to get the attention of recruiters.

2. Freedom to explore your creativity

The maximum number of pages recommended for a good CV is 2. Include any more number of pages and you risk your CV being tossed into the trash. You are really limited in what you can show to the world and you only get to streamline it down to the normal boring necessary information that you need to include. With a personal website, you are only limited by your imagination. There is no need for you to sound professional, as you are always free to talk about yourself and your work the way you wish. Simply put, your personality will shine through your own corner of the internet!

3. Increasing your online visibility

Yes, you have a great LinkedIn profile, and your other social media presence are great, but it could be even better when you have your own personal website. It increases your chances of getting noticed on the web! A well optimized personal website exposes you to potential clients and recruiters.

4. Helping you to acquire new skills

I came across a number of articles where the writers claimed to have had their first encounter with web design via creating their own personal website. Yes, only a very few people will be willing to do this. In fact, according to a report from branded.me, more than 42% of people say they failed to create their own personal website because it is time-consuming. You can always hire capable hands to do that for you. However, that doesn’t mean you will not be acquiring some new skills! Management of a mini personal website is what everyone can handle, and you will be acquiring some new skills by doing just that. Now you can add to your resume that you can manage a website, with your own personal website as proof.

Bottom Line

In terms of your personal brand, you will agree with me that a personal website does more good to you with the only downside being the little cost in creating and managing one. You do not necessarily have to run a big business to own a website. Everyone, from students, job seekers, start-ups, and small businesses can make use of one. If you can afford one, please do get one right away.

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